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Spectral Imaging Chip


For color filters in traditional CMOS image sensors, they realize imaging by placing red, green and blue (RGB) on surfaces of pixels. Since those color filters have deviation from the human eyes, software must be used to calibrate and correct colors captured under different light conditions, a process called “white balance”. Some people have tried to create a multi-spectral camera by using red, green and blue filters, but the actual effect is still no substitute for a real multi-spectral sensor.

By means of vertical nanowires that are able to select different wavelengths with high precision, our color filters can obtain more multi-spectral information about an object. The technology can be applied in many scenarios, including food testing,environmental monitoring, drug identification, biometric identification, UAV detection etc.

Molecular Detection Device


The biochemical sensing system, characterized by interdisciplinarity, speediness, high sensitivity, simplicity and inexpensiveness, is an analytical device consisting of biological components and physical and chemical transducers. When combined with optical or electronic detection technologies, the system can achieve high-throughput analyses and has promising applications in diverse sectors, including life science research, disease diagnosis and monitoring, bioprocess control, agriculture and food safety, environmental monitoring, biosafety and biosecurity.

Due to the large size, long detection time, non-immediate result feedback, large sample amount and complex operation process, the traditional molecular detection device is not suitable for a place with limited medical resources. On the one hand, integrated with microfluidics, nanotechnology and advanced optics, our biochemical sensing devices can reduce reaction time and simplify operation; on the other hand, integrated sensor chips will contribute to the miniaturization of detection devices, achieving rapid, micro, immediate and portable immunoassays or molecular diagnostics.

Plugin Mobile Sensor

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile electronic devices have become indispensable to our daily lives, among which smart phones play an increasingly important role. At present, sensors integrated into smart phones mainly focus on the monitoring of temperature, speed, distance, position, ambient light, and etc. However, growing demands for personal health and better living environment have encouraged more researches on mobile phone sensors of new functions.

Through integrating molecular biology and nanotechnologies, developing new detection methods and minimizing sensors and data processing chips, and by means of Bluetooth transmission and mobile devices, our mobile sensors can acquire physiological parameters of human body in real time, and monitor human’s health status if assisted by software. Such technology can be widely used in medical diagnosis, mobile health care, intelligent monitoring etc., and has the potential to be used in real-time monitoring of environmental conditions such as atmosphere, water and soil.

Integrated IoT System

“Smart Life Powered by Intelligent Sensors.” The Internet of Things (IoT), as a concept, wasn't officially named until 1999. Nowadays, the smart life represented by IoT will create the third wave of reform of the global information industry. The next-generation informatization development strategies of all countries in the world are all closely associated with IoT.

Integrated IoT sensors play a vital role and get extensive use in smart life, intelligent transportation, smart factory, intelligent logistics, modern agriculture, smart home and other fields, such as logistics, security, environmental monitoring, equipment status detection and physical parameter detection. With that in mind, ISRI is committed to integrating a variety of intelligent sensing technologies to power smart life and Internet of Things.

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